Looking For A Rainbow?


Well we come down to the valley
Yeah we’re looking for the honey
I see a rainbow
I say that’s the land of milk and honey

Well, no rainbow. But hopefully a glimpse of what is to come after the appalling spring so far in Miranda Do Corvo. Everyone has ‘flu – ‘gripa’. Everyone is cold, I hope we won’t die, before we get old!


Where’s My Potato?

Where's My Potato? Have you got it?

Where’s My Potato? Have you got it?

Perhaps it's under here?

Perhaps it’s under here?

Ah Ha! Got it!

Ah Ha! Got it!

Mmm! Desiree and Vinyl Hamburger. Delicious!

Mmm! Desiree and Vinyl Hamburger. Delicious!


Complicated rubber toy, cost 4.35 Euros – lasting interest – nil.

Desiree Potato accidently dropped on floor – endless fun when squeezed hard against floor with paw, as shoots across tiles at great speed.

Beef bones: free in enormous quantities from Intermarche – smelly but of great enjoyment and satisfaction.

Remodelling useful furniture left by previous owner?

Perhaps you need advice with what to do with left-overs from a previous occupancy? I thought I had the answer – but the modelling consultant employed had his own ideas.


This was his initial effort submitted to me for approval. Personally, I didn’t feel that sufficient had been done, so asked him to extemporize a little further. More photos in later posts, as the work progressed. And the talented artist? – He’s shown below. he likes to be known as Seth.


Black Puddings From Portugal – Postage paid for only 68 cents!

Portugal today launched it’s bid to corner the World market in Black Pudding, by introducing an unbelievably generous offer to send a Black Pudding anywhere in the World, by Air Mail, for an incredible 68 cents. (0,68 Euros)
This price includes an envelope, in which you can send a greeting to the happy recipient of the pudding.

As a life-time lover of this delicious concoction of boiled pigs blood, fat, and spices, I am, of course delighted, and wish this campaign every success.

Black Pudding From Guarda

Black Pudding From Guarda